The Top 5 Relationship Texting Rules

Gone are the days of love letters. Long, 10-page ascriptions of love. Now, people profess their love in 140 characters or less. Texting is the new way to communicate, it offers quickness, directness, and brevity, allowing you to get directly to the point and directly to somebody’s heart. Though you may not be able to go into quite so much detail as in a love letter, or even a 21st-century email, you can still use the text message to get across almost any point you wish, and particularly any small compliment or flirtatious message that you want to pass on.But using the text message in relationships can be fraught with difficulties. Because there is no intonation or emotion embedded in the message, smileys aside, a message can easily be misread and misconstrued the team to big problems in the relationship. Therefore I’ve put together five quick relationship texting rules that, if you follow, will allow you to use texting to your benefit in your relationship and avoid any misinterpretations, embarrassment, and arguments.

text to follow up

Use a quick text to say you had a good time

Do Use It For A Quick Follow Up

If you’ve just started dating somebody then it’s perfectly legitimate to use a text message to quickly follow up after the date. You do not necessarily want to get into a conversation in the text but a quick ‘I had a great time yesterday’ or ‘was wonderful seeing you tonight’ is an easy way to tell somebody what you thought quickly and efficiently. It tells the other person that you had a good time and that you are thinking of them and that you would like the same again. A big problem off to first dates is when exactly to get in contact again, with people saying the follow up must come within 24 hours, 48 hours, or 54.6741 hours, depending on which advice column you choose to read. Whatever the right time is, a quick text message allows you to make this first contact very quickly and very briefly so that the person knows that you had a good time and that you would like a second date.

Don’t Use It To Plan A Date

However, you should make sure that you do not use text messaging to plan the second date. By this time you should be comfortable talking to the person, and therefore you should phone them to make plans for another date. If you make the plan save a text message, it can look very impersonal and as if you’re not interested talking to them, or are still too shy. Either way it will put them off. The hay like an adult and pick up the phone to make any plans.

cute texts

Send cute text messages

Do Use It For Cute Asides

once you have been dating for a while, or even within those first couple of dates, text messages a really good way of breaking the ice and getting to know one another. A few messages, funny or flirtatious, throughout the day can really help the relationship get started. The other person will look forward to the buzz of their phone as they know it will be a new message from you.Again, you do not want to go overboard with this, constantly sending the messages throughout the day, everyday. But once or twice, when you have something interesting or funny to say, can really work wonders. It works especially well in the day or two after a date in reminiscing about the date. You can tell the person that you just saw something that’s reminded you of the night you spent together. Small little messages like this are exactly what text messaging is for.

don't argue over text

Never argue over text

Don’t Use It For Arguments

What text messaging is not for, is arguments. As I said because it is difficult to get emotion across in text messaging, every single thing you say can come across very bluntly. Therefore, if you are already arguing with somebody everything you say who seem very negative. If you start arguing over text message it is very difficult to find a resolution and you will end up having to speak to the person anyway. Therefore it is better to talk to the person, ideally in person or over the phone if you need to discuss something serious. Text messaging and its 140 characters is for fun and speed, not seriousness

Don’t Use It To Break Up

In that vein, something you should deftly not to ever text message is breakup with somebody. If you do not have the balls to do it in person, or over the phone, then perhaps you should not have got started in relationship to start off with. Have the decency to talk to the person one-on-one whenever you want to end the relationship rather than sending them a quick text message. They will want to talk to you anyway, so best to get it over with in one go.

3 Malware- Checking Software Tactics For The Mac

With the introduction of the Mac, most people have been replacing their personal computers with these new products from Apple. This will certainly benefit Apple. However, you need to protect your computer against the apparent criminal malware attacks that are likely to follow shortly.

To do this, you obviously need to learn some tips on Mac protection. Notwithstanding, the best tactics revolve around using antivirus protection, improving on the app features and paying more attention to all operating system updates.

Additionally, in as much as these 3 will provide you with extra protection, you still need to click safely. Then, update yourself on the latest Mac security news. This said, note these software tactics to protect your Mac from malware:

1. Mac OS X

Apple is aware of the need to protect its users. This is why the new Mac OS X is designed to provide more protection to susceptible computers. Since the OS X 10. 5 was beefed up, Apple has made security of its key priorities.

For instance, the Gatekeeper (a new security feature) has been added to the latest Mac OS X. This security feature will prevent you from downloading any dangerous software and other malware.

2. Sandboxing

A lot more is required to protect yourself from malware than using the operating system only. Apple has now taken some steps to bolster the Safari browser. Some of the parts of this browser have been sandboxed with a view to prevent certain apps from gaining access to data from your Mac.

Apple has also learned from the iOS, which never experienced any widespread malware attack. This is why all applications from the App Store have to be certified and sandboxed.

This means that you need to stick to Mac apps and software that meet Apple’s prior approval to avoid most of the security holes and threats from malware attack and difficulties.

3. Use Antivirus Software

Antivirus software can be boring. However, you need to use this as the viable option to deal with definitely malware attack on your Mac. Some of the best antivirus software programs you can use include:

a) VirusBarrier X6

This amazing antivirus was specifically made for the Mac.

b) Norton Antivirus 12 (for Mac)

With this software, you get a whole year’s protection.

c) McAfee Internet Security

Alternatively, you can purchase the latest version of this software product. It will also provide you with protection for a year.

However, you need to note that antivirus software for the Mac cost significantly more than for PC versions. A good example is with Norton Antivirus which protects one PC for only $ 40.

This simply means that you need to find the best antivirus program for your Mac depending on your system setup and the budget you are working with. Although it will cost you some money, it is better to pay up than to sit back and let your Mac go to waste from the malware attacks.

To conclude, you need to take the adequate security measures designed to help you deal with malware attack. This will go a long way in ensuring that you can use your Mac safely and securely without fearing malware attack.

5 Ways You Can Get Over A Bad Break-Up Quickly

Love has often been said to be a splendored thing. In fact, a person in love feels young, energetic or alive. However, there is associated pain when one loses a love or a relationship fails. This pain is often referred to as a broken heart because people associate love with the heart. Thus, when one loses a loved one, their heart experiences pain and is hence referred to as a broken heart. As a result, it is vital to know some ways you can get over a bad break-up .They can be giving yourself time, going for counseling, finding a new love, going on a solo holiday or getting rid of the clutter.

Give yourself time

Time is the best healer of any kind of emotional pain. This is due to the fact that a relationship you were involved in is real and therefore your heart and emotions are engaged. Consequently, there are feelings that cannot be turned off easily since the heart is involved in loving and caring. Hence, time is the best way to get over a break-up. But as it may take several days or even months, you need to be patient and remain optimistic.

Go for counseling

Counseling is another proven method of getting over a break-up. It is usually an interaction between two people. one of them is you, the person suffering from emotional pain, and the other a professional who will help you to treat the broken heart. The professional does so by encouraging you to freely express rather than keep to yourself the pain and emotions you are experiencing. A good counselor will often combine skills and experience to help their clients during the process. A counseling session will normally allow a client to express their emotions in an environment that is both safe and open, and without fear of being ridiculed or judged. It is vital as part of getting over a break-up.

Find a new love. This is another effective way to get over a break-up. It simply means that the person who is suffering from emotional distraught should get back into the social interaction mainstream. However, it does not mean that you should go out in search of another person to fill the emotional gap. Instead, it just means that you should not be reticent or shy when it comes to dating. Indeed, as fast as possible, you should get back into the mainstream of social interaction.

Go on a solo holiday

When a relationship fails, you should not just stay indoors as you’re likely to become desperate and depressed. It is the time to go on that holiday you have always wished for. A solo holiday in a new place that is far away from the familiar surroundings would be refreshing and relaxing.

Get rid of the clutter

Emotional pain will be prolonged when you keep going over old love-notes and pictures. It is important to clear them immediately. This will help you get over the loss of the loved one.

Breaking up with your loved one does not necessarily mean it is the end of love for you .Learning to accept the situation and doing a few things can help you overcome the pain. Most importantly, stay optimistic.