Pets Are a Dumb Idea for a Gift, and Here’s Why

cute gift ideas

It does look like a cute gift

We get it–girls like cute pets. They like them as gifts, and they like being surprised by them. That’s why it’s sometimes kind of hard to resist giving your hookup the cute puppy she fawned over in the pet store window the other day, but it’s really just not a good idea for anyone involved. Even if she were a booty call scam, there’s no reason to resign her to the care of a pet that she, for one, probably didn’t really want. On top of that, it’s a commitment that she might end up shoving back to you, and at the end of the day, that cute pet might end up really backfiring and turning your casual sex date into something way more involved than you actually wanted.

Pets are Expensive

expensive gifts

Yes they are pretty expensive

The long and short of it is that pets are a lot pricier than that original tag that’s on them. You’re just paying for the cute puppy, but you’re paying for the food, the vet bills, and anything else that they might need. Even if you set your girl up with a dog and all the fixings, you’re still signing her up for the lifetime commitment of that animal, and that’s something that she probably isn’t all that into if she just side-eyed the dog at some store in Victoria. Even the most famous booty call scams site are going to tell you avoid this kind of gift because honestly, it’s just way too much for someone that’s just a hookup. Pets are the kind of thing that you gift your girlfriend, not the chick that you met on an online dating website, and that’s something you really need to keep in mind. The expensive nature of them is way too much for a casual dating scenario, and that’s why it’s best to stick to gifts that are inexpensive when it comes to your one night stand. It’s going to make your entire situation a lot less awkward, and make both of you feel much more comfortable when it comes to your situation. Even if she’s really into the idea of having a pet…let her do it on her own time. You don’t need to spend the time and money setting her up with an animal that you aren’t going to really see after your dating experience is over, and that’s a fact that many guys just skip right over.

If She Doesn’t Want It, It’s Yours

take care

Trust us, it is not easy to take care of a pet

It’s kind of like ending up with the kid in a custody battle. Maybe you don’t want the responsibility, but here you are with it, because you had a part in that tango, too. The same thing applies to pets, and if the two of you end up having a falling out, or she simply isn’t interested in it anymore, you’re going to be the one stuck with the critter. When we say even booty call scams will mention this kind of thing, we’re serious. This is one of the main reasons why gifting a pet is an awful idea; it’s because if you aren’t ready for the responsibility yourself, then you shouldn’t hand one over to your hookup. It’s going to backfire if you aren’t careful, and even if you think it’s a great, cute gift at the time that really shows that you’re into her, it’s actually the opposite. It’s the kind of gift that a lot of girls will dread getting…because they just don’t want the responsibility. There’s a lot of difference between oohing and aahing at the cute bunnies in the store and actually owning one, and that’s probably why she’s only been oohing and aahing, and not actually buying one on her own time. That’s ultimately why it’s the best idea to leave the cute, fluffy thing in Victoria, and not bring it home to your hookup in a box that’s gift-wrapped. If she’s not going to really appreciate it, then it really has no place going home with either of you. Animals require a lot of care, and it’s a lifetime commitment for that animal. Don’t buy something that neither of you really wants to be involved with.

Pets Mean a Lot More Than Jewelry

not a commodity

Do not treat them as a commodity

Buy her a necklace. Buy her a ring that’s just costume jewelry, but don’t buy her a pet. A pet signals commitment between the two of you as well, and if you’re into the casual dating scene, that’s going to quickly put the brakes on any kind of fun that you want to have in the future. By buying her a pet, you’re saying that you want to actually be more involved with her at a deeper level. If that’s what you want to do, then by all means, take the plunge, but realize that you’re signaling that you want a more serious relationship. She might not want that, or she might want it. We don’t know the specific situation that’s going on, of course, but we can usually say with certainty that this is a bold mood that a lot of women might find awkward in general. They might think that you’re coming on too strong, or actually being too controlling by giving them a gift that requires so much involvement. If this is the kind of message that you’re trying to portray, then at least talk to her first before you go out and buy her a dog with all the fixings. It’s going to go over a lot better for both of you, and make for a much more enjoyable gifting situation. Just remember that once you make that commitment, however, you’ve got a girlfriend rather than a hookup, and a lot of guys don’t seem to realize that they’ve made that decision until it’s much too late.

Don’t Make This Mistake

So many guys just don’t realize that pets are so much more of a commitment than they ever imagined them to be. They don’t realize that they’re going to end up saddled with an animal that they don’t want when the hookup just throws them right back in their face, or they don’t realize that they’re going to end up saddled with a relationship that they didn’t want just because they were trying to buy a gift that would help them get into the girl’s pants a lot faster. At the end of the day, it’s probably better just to avoid any sort of hookup dates that involve you walking by pet stores in general. It’s also good to avoid any booty call scams that actually suggest you go to the lengths of buying a pet for your hookup just to get in bed with her. These are really stupid ideas that aren’t going to get you anywhere but in heaps of trouble at the end of the day, and we can’t imagine anyone really thinking that a pet is a good gift for someone that’s just interested in one-night stands.

It’s common sense when it comes right down to it. Don’t buy her a gift like this unless you’re serious, because pets are a serious thing and part of relationships, not hookups. Keep that in mind, and you’ll be a lot better off.

How To Post Classified Ads

If you want to start dating, but have not had much luck in the bars, clubs, or coffee shops of your locale, then posting classified ads, either online, or in newspapers, is a great way to meet like minded single people. Dating online or through classifieds no longer has the negative connotations that it once did. Millions of people use online dating services now, and it is entirely mainstream and seen as a really good way to meet new people.

However, there are a lot of choices and decisions to be made before you find the right person for you. The first of these, and the most important, is where to post your classified ads. This used to be not such a big decision. Before the age of the internet, the only place you could post classified ads was in your local newspaper, or in a special interest magazine. While these options are still available, and we will talk about the pros and cons of them, it is much more likely people will use specific online classified dating sites to post ads nowadays. My recommendation will be to use The third option that some people use, it other websites, ones not dedicated to dating, but that also allow you to find romance online.
dating online acceptable

Dating online is now perfectly acceptable

The Paper Route

Plenty of newspapers and magazines till take personal classifieds. Open your local newspaper today and you will see dozens of such adverts. Equally, find any magazine for a specific section of the market, and at the back you will probably find someone searching for love with a person with the same interests. To the internet crowd, these types of adverts can look ridiculously old-fashioned, but they do have some real pluses to them.The most obvious of these, in terms of local newspapers, is, well, the locality. No one really wants an online romance. They want to meet and date and see how far things go in real life. But when you are using online dating sites, it might turn out that the people you are most interested in are in Florida while you are in Oregon. But if you are advertising in The Portland Gazette, then you know the people reading your ad are also in the local area.For special interest magazines, it is almost the opposite idea that draws people to advertise in them. They often cannot find the right people in their local area that are interested in, say, trains, so they need to search further afield. This kind of romance might start over letter, email, and phone, but their shared interests will allow them to sustain such a distance until they can meet.

offline dating

Some people prefer to date offline

The Online Romance

Of course now the main route for people to find love, outside of their social circle, is via the internet. Countless online dating sites have popped up, allowing you to post classified ads for all to read. The positives of such a system are obvious. You can connect with thousands of potential partners, and easily see if you match with them through their profiles and messages. You can see photos of them, videos, all manner of information that will allow you to make an educated decision before you step foot out of the door. You can easily search for just people in your hometown, so that you can actually date them straight away, and even search for people only interested in trains, so you can see why these sites have eaten so surely into the classifieds market.The downsides really come from the sheer wealth of opportunity. It can be difficult to find the exact man or women that you want, and, when spoiled for choice, a lot of people cannot make that choice. However, if you do have a very good idea of exactly what you want, then signing up to a dating site can lead you to find the person of your dreams.

online dating 3

You can find thousands of different sites for dating online

Being Social

Of course, you can just head out to a bar and pick someone up, but that is not what I am talking about here. Rather social sites and other sites on the internet that are not expressly dedicated to dating also offer opportunity when it comes to meeting the opposite (or same) sex. Sites such as Facebook often having dating apps (You can read more on this article), allowing you to post classified ads that can be seen by the millions of people on Facebook. This is ideal for people who might be a bit shy about the idea of signing up for a dating site, but already have an online profile that others can read.Another option is the online classified site, Craigslist. This almost offers the best of both worlds, as it works like an old –fashioned classified, only of interest to those in your immediate area, but can be seen by anyone with an internet connection. Sometimes the people that post classified ads to craigslist can seem a little, well, weird, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying…

How to find a fling online in Montreal – Work on Your Online Dating Profile

find montreal flingThe numbers of people getting interested in finding a fling is one the increase more than probably at any other time in the history of mankind. Unlike the former days when people would hide their flings, these days things have changed to such an extent that it’s not considered strange to find a friend or family member carrying out research on how to find a fling online. It is now estimated (Source: that thousands of women and men join online dating sites every single day without fail. Consequently, this is becoming quite a competitive field just as it has always been with the other traditional dating processes.

What Do you Need to Do to Find a Montreal Fling Online?

There are a number of things you need to work on if you are going to be successful at getting a Montreal fling online. The most important aspect you need to work on is your online profile. This is where you tell others about yourself and you must make it stand out from everyone else. Since the field of online dating is filled with thousands and thousands, probably millions, of people, what you need is something that will give you an added advantage and give you the best chance of succeeding. Therefore, it is important for you to focus on a few details that will work to your advantage.

a) Focus on Telling the Ladies More

A man must find the right balance between telling a lady more about himself as well as making her curious enough. It is often accepted that the key to a successful venture on any online dating site, regardless of whether you are in Montreal or not, is to focus on educating other people about the things that make you interesting and fun to be around. People will express an interest in you if they see an image of a person who is fun to be around. If you don’t work on building up a good profile that will attract other people interested in finding out more about how to have a fling, you will struggle.

b) Prioritize Your Photos

You won’t benefit much when you pay more attention to your profile details and information while ignoring your photos. While a good number of Montreal people interested in improving their skills in learning more on how to have a fling, will go past your photos to read more on what you wrote about yourself, there is likewise a significant portion that will ignore you if they think your pictures are not as great. If there are several top and interesting photos you have about yourself, you should learn how to post them on the online social dating site to which you belong as a member.

c) Make Use of Your Best Photo

While this pointer is close to the previous one, it is slightly different. What this point means is that you have to get the best profile photo you can come across and post it on your online dating site page or wall. If you are a man, this is very important lest the ladies fail to respond positively to your advances. Many are the times when a person will decide to respond positively to your advances based not on your best but worst photos. Your worst photo will ruin your chances of success at when playing the online dating game. Whatever it costs, try to focus on posting only nothing than the best photos for your profile picture.

d) Don’t Hold Back

As long as you really want to see success as you embark on learning more about how to have a fling, then you cannot be the sort of a person who continuously holds back from sharing what is really on your mind. If you fear sharing your deepest thoughts with others on these online dating sites, then it will be very hard for you to succeed in getting the man or woman of your dreams to date. If you learn to speak your mind with holding back, then the lady stands a good chance of believing what you tell her about your intentions or plans regarding the dating process or relationship or even a fling.

e) Learn to Capture Attention Fast

If you can capture the attention of people you come across on the many online dating sites you belong to, this would stand you in a good stead to get the kind of person you feel is good for you. Basically, the goal is to make sure that from the word go, the party interested in your profile is attracted to you based on what she or he sees. If you are a man, invest in a good headline that is designed to catch the attention of any person who takes the time to read what you have posted. Remember that the goal is to stand out from other bloggers or people looking for information on how to have a fling.

f) Avoid Grammatical and Spelling Mistakes

It is not easy to write up a good profile if you are not doing so in a language you are most comfortable with. There are several Montreal online dating sites you can join and write information about yourself in a language that you are most comfortable with. In doing so, you should reread everything you write and identify where there are grammatical or spelling mistakes. No matter how much you are experienced or good in how to have a fling, the person reading your profile could so easily be turned off if they come across several spelling mistakes thus giving them a difficult time to understand what you are saying.

g) Show Proof That Other Women Find You Attractive

It is important to remember one thing as a man; women will mostly associate with you if they find that you are considered to be hot by other females. If you can post a photo or two of yourself with other very beautiful ladies having a good time together, then the women you come across on the online dating sites will have been won over to your side. Women always want to be seen with men who are considered a major catch. If you want success on how to have a fling, this simple step could help to push you to the front of the line thus making you very successful in this game.

h) Know When to Brag; And When to Tell

Men use their wealth and achievements as part of the campaign to seduce women through online dating sites as well as in real life. This is something that is wired in men’s system and they can’t escape away from it. However, you should realize that it is very easy to come across as a person who is bragging. Even where you are successful in life and you have several homes, posh cars and other achievements, try to keep them out of the limelight until you meet with your fling the day you go to pick her up. Every time you talk to the lady, be honest and modest in how you project yourself lest you fail in how to have a fling.

i) Seek Help from Other People Close to You

One of the mistakes you need to avoid is to go ahead and fill out your details at online dating site in Montreal without seeking the approval or critic of a close female friend. Get the help of a female friend whose intentions are good and not one who is only looking for your failure. This friend will be able to go through the details you have filled and tell you what she thinks about your answers. Don’t neglect your profiles. Keep updating it so that you are pushed to the top of the queue. These are just but a few pointers which help men to succeed in how to have a fling.

Signs Your Partner Is Your Best Friend

If your partner is your best friend, then lucky you. You have found the best union between friendship and love. But a lot of people worry that their partner is not their best friend, and that the relationship is based on just an initial physical attraction and nothing else. Then when that peters out, there will be nothing left.So how do you tell whether your partner and best friend are the same person? Well, the simplest way is to think about how you have behaved with friends in the past and see whether your current partner really fits into that mold. Below are five tell-tale signs that your partner and best friend are one and the same, and that your relationship is one a firm footing of both physical attraction, and friendship.

best friend partner 1

Know if you two are BFFs

You Bitch To Them

When you think back to your teen years and all the hours you spent on the phone with them, what were you doing? Yep, that’s right, bitching. Complaining about this and that, hither and yon. In those days it would have been your parents, teachers, and the boy in the year above that you had a crush on. Now it might be your boss, your other friends, and probably still your parents. But if you are now complaining about those things to your partner, rather than to another girl on the end of a phone, you can be pretty sure that it is them that is your new best friend.Some partners are happy about this, some not. But if you find that they are listening, trying to give you advice, and allowing you the time to vent and let off steam after a hard day at work, then they really are trying to do their best in the best friend role.

You Are Most Comfortable With Them

Comfort is a very big deal in relationships, one that is not given the attention that it deserves. If we are truly never comfortable around our partner, then it can lead to frustration and arguments. However, if you get too comfortable, then sometimes the allure and shine of a relationship can wear a bit thin, and the attraction can be lost.But if you are comfortable around your partner then it is a good sign that the two of you can adopt a friend role, as well as one of lover. The trick is to know when you need just pure comfort, and when you are in a lover’s role. A good friend knows that sometimes you need just comfort and nothing more, and sometimes you need more than that. You can tell that your partner is your best friend if they can segue between these two roles with ease.

You Are A Double Act

If you finish each other’s jokes, have inside jokes, and are generally always laughing at each other, then that is a good sign that you two are friends. A big problem with many relationships is that the couple cannot laugh together, and see everything as serious. If you find that your partner doesn’t find you funny, and that the two of you do not really have any shared experiences that you laugh at, then this might become a problem later in your relationship.

best friend partner 3

You really feel for each other

You Feel Each Other’s Pain

Bet friends feel for each other as if an invisible bond ties the two together, and a relationship should be no different. If your partner is upset then you should also be upset, this is a prerequisite for almost any workable relationship. But it is worrying the number of relationships where one, normally the man, doesn’t quite feel so much for the women. Though these relationships can survive, it should be a signal to you if your partner doesn’t quite seem to care as much as your best friend does.

Their Success Is Your Success

Conversely, best friends revel in their friends successes as well, and this is a great sign of a good relationship if your partner is also completely stoked for your success. It shows a lack of competition in the relationship, and that you view the partnership as just that, a partnership rather than two competing adults. If your partner talks about how awesome you are to his or her friends as if he had just got promoted/ran a 10K/got a new job, then you know you are best friends as well as lovers.

These are just some of the ways that a relationship can be much stronger if the couple treat each other as real friends as well as lovers, and if you find these are in your relationship, then it will definitely be a strong relationship.Of course, just because your partner is your best friend, doesn’t mean that you should not have other best friends. Because, who are you going to bitch about your partner to?

Getting Laid Quickly And Easily

Every man dreams of getting laid easily. We all want to walk into a bar, give the best girl the eye, and walk out with her to the car. Let’s face it, that would save us all a hell of a lot of money, though I guess bars would eventually go out of business. But unfortunately for men, but probably good for bartenders, that is not happening to most of us at the moment. Instead we have to play the game, chatting up women on the off chance that our patter might stick with one or two.

But there are better ways, though less romantic. If all you are after is no-hassle sex with anyone decent going, then there are better ways to go about it than heading to the nearest bar. You might have to swallow you pride a bit, but if that means a girl tonight will be swallowing something else, then do you really care? Here are a few ways that you could really be having some great sex tonight, without all the hassle that you usual associate…

laid quickly 1

Look for previous partners

Going Back In Time

Most men have, if not a literal, a figurative black book. A mental list of all the women they have slept with (probably with a tally of how good they were) and whether they would be up for any more action. You know which of your exes or one-night stands might be willing to do the naughty deed, and which ones are simply not talking to you. You can then get in contact with the good ones (and save the others until you are really desperate) and see what’s up. This isn’t necessarily a suggested strategy, as it does come with its own problems. But many women are willing to sleep with an ex, in particular because they are the people that know them best and can really turn them on.The other option is whether you have ever had any frisson of excitement with any of your female friends. Though this might end up damaging the relationship, you would be surprised at how many women are happy to just fuck the night away and leave it at theat. If you are lucky, it might be that you can turn one, or more of your friends into a friend with benefits, that you can always turn to in your hour of need.

laid quickly 3

Find a stranger online

Going Online

If you do not have a black book, or just do not want to open it on this occasion as you are scared what will jump out, then the internet, as ever, is here to save the day. It is so easy to get laid now via the web that it is a wonder that the more mainstream ways of hooking up are still viable.Whereas you can join a regular dating site and see whether anyone there is up for some quick sex, there is in fact a niche selection of websites now that cater to exactly this market. Known actually as hook up sites, or adult dating sites, they allow adults to get straight down to business. If you are a member of one of these sites then people know that you aren’t looking for romantic candlelight dinners or walks on the beach, but that you are just interested in hooking up and getting as much sex as possible when you need it.The great thing about this site is that obviously the women are after exactly the same thing. Everyone is up front about what they want, so it immediately cuts out all the BS normally involved with this kind of thing. If you hook up with a girl on here then you know it is just for sex and nothing else. Thed wonsides of such sites are that the quality can be a bit low, and sometimes women are just out to scam you. But you can find some really decent, real women on these sites just in need of a good seeing to.

Going Lawless

This one is not going to be for everyone, but I am going to put it out there anyway. If you want sex, you can buy it just like any other commodity. You can easily find escorts for most people prices ranges and they go from the average to the stunning. The downside of this approach is the obvious illegality (in most places), and the feeling of inadequacy that you might feel. But the plus side is that you can have sex with a professional, who will do exactly what you want, in a way that will make your mind explode.Using any, or all, of these techniques can get you laid tonight. You can have great sex with friends, exes, and strangers, for money or not, but with one thing in common – no strings attached.

Signs She’s Flirting With You

Never before have people had the freedom to talk with each other as right now. Meeting and chatting to new people every day is totally possible and if you are single, it is a great way to meet new people, make new friends and maybe find yourself a promising new relationship.

Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the signs when people are flirting with them. This can end up going two ways. Either everything someone says or does towards them is seen as flirting when it isn’t… or you don’t notice people flirting with you at all, ever.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to help you out a little with this!


Eye Contact

This one is the most important.

Holding eye contact with people is intensely important, in all facets of your life. Whoever you are talking to, you should be looking in to their eyes as you speak. It projects confidence and levelheadedness, makes you feel better and is proven to make relationships stronger. In addition, it makes people think you are telling the truth. Breaking eye contact often or avoiding eye contact makes you seem less attractive and interesting and makes it look like you have something to hide. This isn’t what you want to be projecting to the world.

A well-known trope involving eye contact is when someone is making eye contact with you across the bar. Maybe she is interested in talking to you, maybe she just happened to catch your eye. Here’s a way to test.

Unless you are doing something weird that makes you a target for people staring at you [If you are acting oddly, a stranger in a different country, juggling, etc.], people don’t tend to hold eye contact for very long, especially if they are not attracted to you. If you find that you are being looked at by a lady across the room for more than a few seconds, you should go and talk to her!

Even if it turns out she wasn’t looking at you, you can always make excuses and leave to talk to someone else. The chance of meeting someone incredible isn’t there at all if you don’t make the most of opportunities you get.

When you are talking to her, eye contact shows she is interested in the conversation, you and whatever you are doing. If she is looking at her watch, phone or anywhere apart from you, you could be making her feel awkward and should think about leaving.

obvious flirting

This is quite obviously a flirty lady

Body Language

They say that body language accounts for more of the communication we do in person than the actual words that we say. Whether or not that is true, there’s no question that it certainly has a large effect on how we perceive the world. You can tell if she is flirting you as she we find reasons to touch you and will direct her body to face yours whenever possible. Another classic body language tip for people dating is whether or not she is playing with her hair. This is thought to be a sign of flirting as she is actively acting nervously and things like hair twirling are seen as playful and perhaps flirty. In conjunction with eye contact and other body language, this is a pretty good sign that she may be interested in you.

One word of caution though, body language isn’t a surefire thing. Sometimes, someone might just keep great eye contact and naturally faces people, even when they are not interested in them. Bear this in mind when you try to use these kinds of things to see if they are flirting with you.


A lot of guys are completely unaware that some girls may well flirt with you for the fun of it or for a business transaction. The attractive girl at the bar probably isn’t flirting with you, just trying to get more tips. Whilst this is often the case, it may well be that she is interested in you. Don’t go making any silly decisions, weigh whether you think she might be in to you with the possibility it might just be good for business. Thinking about things like this will help you find the right girl to date and will help you embarrass yourself less often!

shy girl flirting

Shy, but totally in to you

Flirting is an age old art and is continually evolving. In this digital age, she might even be flirting by starring all of your tweets or commenting on everything you write… Keep an eye open and think logically about whether this person might be in to you and you’ll be able to make your own decisions about how to proceed. Most of all, have fun and don’t be creepy!

The Top 5 Relationship Texting Rules

Gone are the days of love letters. Long, 10-page ascriptions of love. Now, people profess their love in 140 characters or less. Texting is the new way to communicate, it offers quickness, directness, and brevity, allowing you to get directly to the point and directly to somebody’s heart. Though you may not be able to go into quite so much detail as in a love letter, or even a 21st-century email, you can still use the text message to get across almost any point you wish, and particularly any small compliment or flirtatious message that you want to pass on.But using the text message in relationships can be fraught with difficulties. Because there is no intonation or emotion embedded in the message, smileys aside, a message can easily be misread and misconstrued the team to big problems in the relationship. Therefore I’ve put together five quick relationship texting rules that, if you follow, will allow you to use texting to your benefit in your relationship and avoid any misinterpretations, embarrassment, and arguments.

text to follow up

Use a quick text to say you had a good time

Do Use It For A Quick Follow Up

If you’ve just started dating somebody then it’s perfectly legitimate to use a text message to quickly follow up after the date. You do not necessarily want to get into a conversation in the text but a quick ‘I had a great time yesterday’ or ‘was wonderful seeing you tonight’ is an easy way to tell somebody what you thought quickly and efficiently. It tells the other person that you had a good time and that you are thinking of them and that you would like the same again. A big problem off to first dates is when exactly to get in contact again, with people saying the follow up must come within 24 hours, 48 hours, or 54.6741 hours, depending on which advice column you choose to read. Whatever the right time is, a quick text message allows you to make this first contact very quickly and very briefly so that the person knows that you had a good time and that you would like a second date.

Don’t Use It To Plan A Date

However, you should make sure that you do not use text messaging to plan the second date. By this time you should be comfortable talking to the person, and therefore you should phone them to make plans for another date. If you make the plan save a text message, it can look very impersonal and as if you’re not interested talking to them, or are still too shy. Either way it will put them off. The hay like an adult and pick up the phone to make any plans.

cute texts

Send cute text messages

Do Use It For Cute Asides

once you have been dating for a while, or even within those first couple of dates, text messages a really good way of breaking the ice and getting to know one another. A few messages, funny or flirtatious, throughout the day can really help the relationship get started. The other person will look forward to the buzz of their phone as they know it will be a new message from you.Again, you do not want to go overboard with this, constantly sending the messages throughout the day, everyday. But once or twice, when you have something interesting or funny to say, can really work wonders. It works especially well in the day or two after a date in reminiscing about the date. You can tell the person that you just saw something that’s reminded you of the night you spent together. Small little messages like this are exactly what text messaging is for.

don't argue over text

Never argue over text

Don’t Use It For Arguments

What text messaging is not for, is arguments. As I said because it is difficult to get emotion across in text messaging, every single thing you say can come across very bluntly. Therefore, if you are already arguing with somebody everything you say who seem very negative. If you start arguing over text message it is very difficult to find a resolution and you will end up having to speak to the person anyway. Therefore it is better to talk to the person, ideally in person or over the phone if you need to discuss something serious. Text messaging and its 140 characters is for fun and speed, not seriousness

Don’t Use It To Break Up

In that vein, something you should deftly not to ever text message is breakup with somebody. If you do not have the balls to do it in person, or over the phone, then perhaps you should not have got started in relationship to start off with. Have the decency to talk to the person one-on-one whenever you want to end the relationship rather than sending them a quick text message. They will want to talk to you anyway, so best to get it over with in one go.

Getting Your Ex Girlfriend To Want You Back

Getting a girlfriend back is one of the most talked about things on the Internet and everyone has their own little theories on how it is best to get your ex girlfriend back. Whilst people’s theories vary quite a lot on the smaller details, most people end up recommending the same course of action.

Getting your girlfriend might seem like the most important thing for you to do right now, but I have to ask you before we begin whether you truly want your ex back. I know, I know, this sound like a strange question for someone to ask someone who is reading articles on how to get their ex back. However, bear with me on this one. People often make it their goal or quest to get their ex back, without even trying to think about the whole situation in their head before they start to act on their emotions. Your emotions are something that will make bad decisions for you and acting on instinct is not a great way to try and get someone back who has already decided they don’t want to be with you at the time.

A lot of people are simply searching and yearning for the companionship that their ex girlfriend will have given them and they are not particularly bothered about their actual girlfriend. This can lead to strange scenarios where people end up chasing their girlfriend and dating them again, to realize that actually, they don’t like their girlfriend anymore and want to break up with them.

Getting your girlfriend back can be done in any number of ways. Most people recommend ignoring their texts and calls and making sure that you don’t communicate with them when it isn’t necessary. This allows both of you to clear your heads of any emotion clouding your logical decisions and means that when you do make a decision, it will not be based on emotional merit.

Getting your ex girlfriend back

Your emotions are something that will make bad decisions for you

Personally, I don’t see why this is a good thing. Whilst it sort of makes sense, in an abstract way, out of sight is out of mind. Never calling your ex girlfriend and refusing her communications is a great way to make her forget about you totally and after a longer period of time, she may even delete your contact details, leading to an awkward, “Do I know you?” text when you finally decide it is time to talk to her again.

Whilst avoiding stalker territory, don’t stop communication entirely. You both cared about one another for some time and feelings do not just vanish upon a whim, even if someone cheats or does something else wrong in the relationship.

Try to make the best of what you’ve been given. To get your ex back you need to improve upon your life and try to stamp out any negative behavior that you may exhibit. Often it is hard to realize you are doing things that may sabotage a relationship, so ask your friends and family if there is something they think you could improve upon. Most people value communication, empathy, success and creativity. Improving any of these traits in your personality and accentuating what it is that makes you attractive to others is going to entice your ex back to you.

You want her back again

Avoid to remember her. And don’t contact her again!

Whilst it is hard to get your groove going again after a break up, don’t waste your time moping around and playing video games. Look at the silver lining that comes in a breakup, you are now free to focus fully on your emotions and needs and have much more time available to pursue personal habits. Perhaps the reason you broke up in the first place was because you no longer had your own identity, just so and so’s boyfriend. This is a great time to go and be social, join some clubs or pick up a new skill as this shows that you are moving on with your life with or without your ex. People like to be around other people that are successful or fun and engaging and it isn’t too difficult to become any or all of these with a little effort.

Showing off your accomplishments can be seen as bragging in this day and age where modesty rules the roost, so take caution not to appear arrogant. Whilst some people see arrogance as confidence, unless you know your ex so well that you can tell how they will react to you, always take the slightly more understated route to showing what you have accomplished.

The real aim is changing yourself in to a better, more attractive and confident version of the person she was attracted to originally. If you can do this well and in a short time period, you are golden and well on your way to happiness.

3 Malware- Checking Software Tactics For The Mac

With the introduction of the Mac, most people have been replacing their personal computers with these new products from Apple. This will certainly benefit Apple. However, you need to protect your computer against the apparent criminal malware attacks that are likely to follow shortly.

To do this, you obviously need to learn some tips on Mac protection. Notwithstanding, the best tactics revolve around using antivirus protection, improving on the app features and paying more attention to all operating system updates.

Additionally, in as much as these 3 will provide you with extra protection, you still need to click safely. Then, update yourself on the latest Mac security news. This said, note these software tactics to protect your Mac from malware:

1. Mac OS X

Apple is aware of the need to protect its users. This is why the new Mac OS X is designed to provide more protection to susceptible computers. Since the OS X 10. 5 was beefed up, Apple has made security of its key priorities.

For instance, the Gatekeeper (a new security feature) has been added to the latest Mac OS X. This security feature will prevent you from downloading any dangerous software and other malware.

2. Sandboxing

A lot more is required to protect yourself from malware than using the operating system only. Apple has now taken some steps to bolster the Safari browser. Some of the parts of this browser have been sandboxed with a view to prevent certain apps from gaining access to data from your Mac.

Apple has also learned from the iOS, which never experienced any widespread malware attack. This is why all applications from the App Store have to be certified and sandboxed.

This means that you need to stick to Mac apps and software that meet Apple’s prior approval to avoid most of the security holes and threats from malware attack and difficulties.

3. Use Antivirus Software

Antivirus software can be boring. However, you need to use this as the viable option to deal with definitely malware attack on your Mac. Some of the best antivirus software programs you can use include:

a) VirusBarrier X6

This amazing antivirus was specifically made for the Mac.

b) Norton Antivirus 12 (for Mac)

With this software, you get a whole year’s protection.

c) McAfee Internet Security

Alternatively, you can purchase the latest version of this software product. It will also provide you with protection for a year.

However, you need to note that antivirus software for the Mac cost significantly more than for PC versions. A good example is with Norton Antivirus which protects one PC for only $ 40.

This simply means that you need to find the best antivirus program for your Mac depending on your system setup and the budget you are working with. Although it will cost you some money, it is better to pay up than to sit back and let your Mac go to waste from the malware attacks.

To conclude, you need to take the adequate security measures designed to help you deal with malware attack. This will go a long way in ensuring that you can use your Mac safely and securely without fearing malware attack.

5 Ways You Can Get Over A Bad Break-Up Quickly

Love has often been said to be a splendored thing. In fact, a person in love feels young, energetic or alive. However, there is associated pain when one loses a love or a relationship fails. This pain is often referred to as a broken heart because people associate love with the heart. Thus, when one loses a loved one, their heart experiences pain and is hence referred to as a broken heart. As a result, it is vital to know some ways you can get over a bad break-up .They can be giving yourself time, going for counseling, finding a new love, going on a solo holiday or getting rid of the clutter.

Give yourself time

Time is the best healer of any kind of emotional pain. This is due to the fact that a relationship you were involved in is real and therefore your heart and emotions are engaged. Consequently, there are feelings that cannot be turned off easily since the heart is involved in loving and caring. Hence, time is the best way to get over a break-up. But as it may take several days or even months, you need to be patient and remain optimistic.

Go for counseling

Counseling is another proven method of getting over a break-up. It is usually an interaction between two people. one of them is you, the person suffering from emotional pain, and the other a professional who will help you to treat the broken heart. The professional does so by encouraging you to freely express rather than keep to yourself the pain and emotions you are experiencing. A good counselor will often combine skills and experience to help their clients during the process. A counseling session will normally allow a client to express their emotions in an environment that is both safe and open, and without fear of being ridiculed or judged. It is vital as part of getting over a break-up.

Find a new love. This is another effective way to get over a break-up. It simply means that the person who is suffering from emotional distraught should get back into the social interaction mainstream. However, it does not mean that you should go out in search of another person to fill the emotional gap. Instead, it just means that you should not be reticent or shy when it comes to dating. Indeed, as fast as possible, you should get back into the mainstream of social interaction.

Go on a solo holiday

When a relationship fails, you should not just stay indoors as you’re likely to become desperate and depressed. It is the time to go on that holiday you have always wished for. A solo holiday in a new place that is far away from the familiar surroundings would be refreshing and relaxing.

Get rid of the clutter

Emotional pain will be prolonged when you keep going over old love-notes and pictures. It is important to clear them immediately. This will help you get over the loss of the loved one.

Breaking up with your loved one does not necessarily mean it is the end of love for you .Learning to accept the situation and doing a few things can help you overcome the pain. Most importantly, stay optimistic.